Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have been trying to read up on some of the finer points of using coupons to save money and while I've always used the Sunday paper coupons, I never knew there was a whole new world to navigate!

Something that I've been conflicted about is the "hoarder mentality" that seems to come with many serious couponers. Just how many tubes of toothpaste and cans of lima beans do you need anyway?? It may be a good deal, but I do like trusting the Lord for "my daily bread" and the excessiveness of it all seems a little much. Not to mention, I don't feel it's the wisest thing for me to spend my hours searching for all of these "deals".

I do like Southern Savers which gives me a run-down on on savings at my local Kroger. (I'm not one to run from store to store to catch the biggest deal).

Faithful ProvisionsAnother one that I really appreciate is Faithful Provisions. This one is very balanced and does a good job of explaining the difference between getting a good deal versus being greedy - which is something I don't like about many of the coupon sites. Some of them even teach you how to use the system in what I believe is unethical. In fact, one of her most recent posts was about couponing ethics.

Do you have any favorites? And, has anyone found it to be worth their time in the long run?
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Made To Organize said...

Southern Savers is my favorite. I only shop at Kroger and Publix now, I pick which ever one has the best deals on what I need for the week. I agree with not 'stock piling' like some serious 'couponers' do, but it has also taught me to be more frugal and not just buy something because I want it or even need it, but to look for the very best way to spend my grocery budget. I now find it difficult to buy something that I don't have a coupon for or an item that is not on sale. My February grocery budget is $200 thanks to coupons and Southern Savers! I only spend 30 min. to an hour on Southern Savers per week! Let me know if you have any questions; I can try to help! :)

Just His Best said...

Thank you!!!

Jewelia said...

We've been using Southern Savers for a little over a year now, and we have saved a LOT on groceries. Because we are able to stock up on extra food (free items or things that cost a few cents after coupons) we've had the opportunity to give to the food pantry and collections for the hungry that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to do. Most places around town that accept donations (women's shelter, etc.) need toothpaste and personal hygiene items, too, so if you find yourself stocking up on those extras, it's a great chance to share with those who really need it. Couponing has changed our whole perspective on buying as well as giving; it's been a blessing.

giftonartistry said...

Southern Savers is also my fav. She has had several posts about ethical couponing and I appreciate that. I pretty much only go to Publix now although I have used Kroger if they have a mega event week. I agree with the other comments and have found that sometimes I'll pick up an item I can get for really cheap even though I can't use it at the moment and I'll donate it. I usually sit down for an hour on Sunday evening with the Sunday coupons to clip and Southern Savers website. Being able to make your shopping list right off of the site is a great time saving feature too! It's well worth the time and as you get used to doing it, it gets easier and less time consuming. Even buying organic items and diapers I can keep it at about $60 a week so far. My goal is $50 but we'll see!

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