Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whitaker James

I'll be honest, this time around I was fresh out of names. I've always been right on top of the baby naming game for the last three, but nothing I thought of had that "right feeling". We had considered naming him after Simon, but that didn't sound right either.

We had pretty much settled on 'James' as a middle name (it's Simon's great uncle's name- James Alexander- and my dad's father's name- James Vernon Jackson). Finally after nights and nights of mulling over our lists, Simon decided on 'Whitaker'. We're not really sure where it came from, but it made our list and stayed there.

Of course, the kids had their own reactions to the name which were very funny. About three weeks ago, Haviland decided on "Baby Beck" so you can imagine her disappointment when we burst her bubble.

Anyway, while the kids are getting used to it, Whitaker James it is and I couldn't be more pleased!


Ashley said...

Love it! Will you call him Whitaker or Whitaker James? I actually considered that name because it's my grandmother's maiden name but we went another direction. I'm so glad you guys finally found a name you like. Now we just have to come up with a middle name for Drew.

Just His Best said...

How weird! Isn't the name Bennett from Audrey's family and now Whitaker is from your family? Why couldn't you two just tell us your family names from the beginning and save us all the trouble??? :)

As for now, it's just Whitaker.

What did you decide for your boys? Drew and _____?

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Baby Beck-too cute! I can't wait to hear about the arrival of Whitaker James. I wanted to use James as a middle name too but ended up not getting my way. We didn't have names for the babies until the week before they were born!

Ashley said...

Benjamin Wallace

Made To Organize said...

I LOVE IT!! My boys absolutely LOVE Adventures in Odyssey and the main character is James Avery Whitaker...he's called Whit for short. They will be thrilled to hear the name choice!
Also, I'm glad your children draw stick figures just like my Jesse...a large head with arms and legs...afterall, who needs a torso anyway? :) Looking forward to next Friday already!

Made To Organize said...

...did I mention that Whitaker James Graham sounds very regal. Surely he'll do great things in his lifetime. :)

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