Monday, February 15, 2010

Swagbucks update

Just want to update everyone on Swagbucks. I started my account on February 1 and here's what I've earned. It really is simpler than I thought.

27 Swagbucks for internet searches (I've found that the more random searches I do the better. For example, searching for something like "CNN" hasn't earned any swagbucks, but when I searched for my blog "Just His Best" and other lesser known sites tends to give me anywhere from 1-3 Swagbucks.

73 Swagbucks for sending in an old cell phone (those will be posted to my account once the phone has been received)

4 Swagbucks for purchasing a gift card for a birthday gift (pending- it can take one month for this to show up)

That's 105 Swagbucks if my math is correct and that earns me almost three $5 Amazon Gift Cards.


Also, using my referral link HERE adds to my amount although I don't know if anyone has taken advantage of it yet.

So, I'd definitely say this is worth it.
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