Sunday, July 19, 2009

Northern Ireland - Part 7

These last few days have just flown by.

Friday, Simon and I took Jackson and Haviland to Belfast for a tour of the city while Bennett spent the day with Nana Graham. There are lots of great pictures that I'll upload once I get home.

Yesterday we were able to visit with Simon's long-time friend and best man, Warren and his family. Last night, a neighbor invited us over for a cookout. Thankfully she had an outdoor heater to warm up to since it started to really cool down at night. It doesn't get dark here in the summertime until 11pm, so we stayed later than I had anticipated and the kids were definitely exhausted.

Today we went to church, did a little more shopping and made the rounds to visit "The Aunties" (3 of Simon's mom's sisters) one more time.

I can't believe that our visit is almost over. We'll head out tomorrow morning and will hopefully be back to Augusta and reality tomorrow night! :)

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