Thursday, July 16, 2009

Northern Ireland - Part 6

The Story of Two Fascinators

I ended up with my own creation since I found two fascinators that I liked different parts of. One of them had a netting in front that I wanted to keep, but had a large floppy bow on top that I didn't. So, Simon lovingly cut the floppy bow off and replaced it with the lighter, fluffier bow and feathers from the second fascinator. I think it turned out great and I have to admit, it was fun doing something different.

Haviland enjoyed her headband with flowers as well and even cried at the end of the day when she noticed that they had shriveled and died. Who knows, maybe we'll bring a new trend to the US.

The Graham Fam Girls

Simon's cousin Heather

Simon's cousin's wife Julie

Simon's wife Kelli

Simon's wifey again

Simon's mom and Great Uncle James

Simon's cousin Diane

Steinar's Sister-in-Law

Neighbors Glynnis and Joey (Josephine)

Simon's Great Auntie Elizabeth and Great Uncle James


Gail said...

Oh, you look so beautiful!!! And Haviland did, too. GREAT Picutes!!!

Ashley said...

Great choice! You pulled it off so well!

Danielle said...

I LOVE Haviland's dress and headband. I'm glad you decided to wear your "hat"-you and Baby G look beautiful! I will say to Simon's defense-you owed it to him for all the football games you've dragged him too!

Ali said...

I'm so glad you took the plunge! You all look beautiful! We miss you like crazy...Julia called her cousin Haviland! We made a pit stop in D.C...glad that you are having a wonderful time! I'm sad that there is still a Graham we cannot call by name!!! Love you guys...

Sara said...

Yea for doing something different and blending in at the same time! I love it and I love that it was ultimately your own design. Good job! (i also love seeing the baby bump!)

Made To Organize said...

LOVE IT! Yours is by far my favorite from all of the pictures of head frockery. You totally pulled it off. Great choice. :)

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