Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flight Attendants, prepare the cabin for takeoff

This summer one of my big projects has been gathering all of my memories from being a flight attendant for a scrapbook. After seven years on the job (1996-2003), I have tons photos, postcards and journal entries that have been so fun to remember and reminisce about.
This photo was from my last rotation in December of 2003. I quit to stay home with Jackson after this.
While I do get the "travel bug" from time to time and still long for the days of hopping a plane anytime I want, I know good and well how much the industry changed after 9/11. This article explains it well.


Danielle said...

Man--when I saw the post title I for sure thought you were going to do the whole "emergency exits and flotation devices"...then again a video would be better, the arm signals and voice really make it all the better.

Just His Best said...

Ha! I'll have to add that.

SPM said...

I recognize those lovely grey and blue uniforms I think. Delta? Who knows, I may have flown with you; I don't know which one you are in the picture but some people look familiar. Like you, I don't miss the glamor job. I took the early retirement package last year. Saw your post link on Leigh Bortins' blog and of course the title caught my former-f/a eye. God bless!

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