Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stroller help

As our family has grown and changed, so has our need for strollers. With baby #1 we went all out with the travel system type (snap in car carrier, etc.) and for baby #2 we used a double stroller since they were only 19 months apart.

When Bennett came along, I realized I needed my hands free as much as I could to deal with the other two, so I relied on my sling much more and didn't put Bennett in a stroller until he was a good bit older- probably 4 months - and then we used only a simple umbrella stroller.

Since that stroller accidentally got left in Ireland, we're looking for another simple stroller for baby #4. I want to go the same route as before (using the sling at first and moving to a stroller after about 4 months).
Here are our requirements:
  • lightweight, umbrella stroller type

  • adjustable or longer handles (this is Simon's only request, since he hated stooping down to push our previous one)

Seems simple enough, but as we've looked there are just too many bells and whistles on most strollers. We don't need a cup holder, a five-point reclining seat, a basket as big as a car trunk, or inflatable off-road wheels. Seriously, have you seen some of these monsters??? :)

Anyway, if anyone has suggestions, I'd sure love them!


Danielle said...

We have a Chicco umbrella stroller for Addie...however so many people have raved about the Maclaren umbrella stroller. Good height for handles, reclines almost flat, nice size basket underneath. Chicco is ok, but it just unzips to recline, not 100% in love but it does the trick (also a lot cheaper than the Maclaren).

Kasia said...

I got a brand new Maclaren on Craigslist for half the cost last year! The lady had bought two with the intent of hooking them together to make a double, but it didn't work like she though, so she sold them. I have really liked it: durable, yet lightweight. Keep an eye on Craigslist. :) Good luck!

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