Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Us and 87,449 others

Yesterday, was mine and Simon's eighth wedding anniversary. We celebrated over the weekend by going to the Auburn vs. Tennessee game. Simon had never been to a big college game and I surprised him with tickets. Around here, we take turns planning our anniversary so there's always added suspense.

I loved watching Simon take it all in- the tailgating, people's outfits, the Tiger Walk, lemonade at Toomer's Corner, the soaring eagle, the band. He commented about everything. It really was a new experience for him and I love to see excitement in his eyes since he's usually Mr. Calm and Steady. He didn't even mind springing for an Auburn t-shirt for me and a new baseball cap for himself. It ended up not being the best game- far from it- I think Auburn only won by default (not by playing great that's for sure) and Tennessee just seemed to give up, but still the whole experience was pure fun!

Now it may seem strange for a girl, but I do love college football. There is something about the atmosphere that gets me so excited. While most people think of pumpkin picking and Halloween as Fall rolls around, I'm busy looking up my favorite teams schedules and just love to spend my Saturdays in front of the tv with snacks and ESPN. Now don't get me wrong- I really don't know much about football itself. I couldn't tell you what a corner does or what a defensive end's job is exactly, but I do get the premise of the game and find it so easy to get drawn in. Simon, on the other hand, is still learning. What are the odds that I ended up with a man that would rather be outside mowing than watching the Bulldogs get their tails kicked by Bama (sorry friends, I cannot bring myself to be a Georgia fan - no matter how long I live here). :)

Ahhh, anyway, we had a great time and I encourage everyone to surprise their spouse by trying something new. There was a moment for me of, "Oh no, he's going to hate this." but I challenge you. Get out of the rut you're in. It's given us something entirely new to talk about which is a breath of fresh air from the daily grind and the gloom-and-doom economy!

I love you more now Simon than ever! I look forward to growing old with you, but let's just promise to never get old AND boring!!!


Ali said...

That is a great challenge, and a great idea to take turns planning. Mike and I need to step it up as far as that goes. Happy Anniversary Graham's...can we grow old with you???

Ashley said...

Glad you guys had a great and refreshing time! Orange looks good on you.

Danielle said...

Aren't you guys dying to see a Marist game at their NEW stadium?

Sara said...

Oh no! Oh no! Did you actually say you're not a Dawgs fan??? I... I... I didn't know this about you... or if I did, I've overlooked it until now. I just don't know if we can still be friends. At the very least, I can't ever let Chuck know. I'll have to visit your blog in secret and give you an alias when sharing things you wrote with him. Wow... this changes everything.

Kelli said...

I know, I know. I have so many friends that are Bulldog fans. If you feel the need, please pray for me and that one day I will see the light... :)Maybe I just don't know any better. I wasn't raised in Georgia and out of the 34 years of my life I've lived in GA for 5 of those years. Hopefully though it's a testiment to my character that I love you DESPITE you being a Georgia fan. Counts for something right? he-he!

It is a dreadful secret I bear. I think to most people here think I'm weird enough having homebirths, but when they find out we're not Bulldog fans, well that almost seals the deal... :)

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