Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fireproof - You HAVE to Go!

OH my goodness. I've been wanting to blog about this movie all day but just do not know where to start. You know when you watch a movie trailer in excitement and then watch the movie only to discover that the best parts were in the trailer? I am SO glad this was not the case in Fireproof.

Last night, Simon and I attended a pre-release screening of the film that was promoted by a local radio station. There are so many things we both took from the movie- and I won't dare to give a bit of it away- but I will say that there were so many heart issues touched upon that yes, even the men in the audience were sniffling. Real stuff like women craving the desire to be needed and cherished and a man's need to be respected. Of course, it's all intertwined with pride, selfishness, misplaced expectations, lust and greed.

I just cannot say enough and really do believe this movie can and will change marriages with its honest and real look at a couple's struggles.

So, please go see it and PLEASE go see it opening weekend (Sept 26-29). At the screening they did remind us that theatres decide on how long to keep a movie going based on the opening weekend sales. There are three big Hollywood releases opening the first week in October and this is not a movie I hope is swept under the rug or forgotten about after the first week. Please tell your friends and your friend's friends. This is not a matter of a movie, but of rescuing marriages - THE foundation of the family. if we cannot get this in order, there's no hope for the rest of our house.

Romans 5:8 (New International Version)
8But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

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