Saturday, September 13, 2008

He's a reader!

I am just so proud of Jackson. Yesterday, he finished what he refers to as his "Sounds" book. This book is familiar to many homeschool parents who use it to teach their children to read. It was a huge success and I am very excited to have completed something from beginning to END!

We began these lessons in May 2007 (yes, over a year ago). I bought it on the advice from a friend who was using it to teach her son to read. We zoomed through the first 40 lessons - sometimes doing 2 a day. By lesson 50 he was working hard, but by lesson 55 he was struggling -seriously- and I was quickly losing my patience. Since I have the belief that I want my children to love reading, I'm so glad I took yet more advice from my friend who told me "Just close the book and pick it up again later." We took close to a 6 month break from these lessons and I just continued to work with him on his phonics and I read out loud alot during this time, but never questioned or pushed him to read by himself.

This summer, I picked up the book again and he jumped back in like we had never skipped a beat. He zoomed through the remainder of the lessons and yesterday completed the last one- Lesson 100- which has him reading at a first grade reading level.

Jackson, I am so proud of you!!! We are going to be able to share many amazing adventures together. Where should we start??? :)


Ali said...

Say it slow Goooooddd for Jaackssson...say it fast GOOD FOR JACKSON!!! Kelli, I'm so excited for you to be finished with that book. There is something exhilerating about it. I'm about to start it again. It's sort of painful at the beginning, but like most stuff...reaps a harvest...what book should we get for him to celebrate???

Kelli said...

Ha-ha! Thank you for being 'that friend'. Can I just refer to you by name from now on?? We would have never been on this journey, much less completed it with our sanity intact if it hadn't been for you.

Ashley and Audrey said...

HOW exciting!! I'm doing the same book with my five year old. Although we're only on lesson 12, he's familiar enough with the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes, he has read quite a few three letter words already and it's very exciting and encouraging! He's been begging me to teach him how to read since the beginning of Pre-K last year! :) My friend who recommended the book has used it on six of her seven kiddos with great success. Great job Jackson and Mom!

Danielle said...

Great Job Jackson!! We are so proud of you!

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