Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Her Own Small House to Keep

This past weekend at a used book sale I rummaged through the box of free books and came across, The Art of Homemaking, published in 1963. It is a fairly simple book and
a quick read, but one rich with wisdom that my generation has all but forgotten. In fact, one of my most prayed prayers this year has been to ask God to show me how to make my house a home. A place where people feel welcome and at home. A place that my husband and children WANT to be.

This poem was in the book and it was too good not to share:

God, give each true, good woman
Her own, small house to keep-
No heart should ache with longing-
No hurt should go too deep-
Guard her age-old desire-
A house to love and sweep.

Give her a man beside her,
A kind man - and a true-
And let them work together
And love - a lifetime through.
And let her mother children
As gentle women do.

Give her a shelf for dishes,
And a shining box for bread,
A white cloth for her table,
And a white spread for her bed.
A shaded lamp at nightfall,
And a row of books much read.

God, let her work with laughter,
And let her rest with sleep;
No life can truly offer
A peace more sure and deep-
God, give each true good woman
Her own small house to keep.

Grace Noel Crowell


Ali said...

Should I stay in my little house? :)

Danielle said...

Are you using those micro-fiber cleaning cloths that cost you an arm and a leg?

a Heart of Mercy Ministries said...

Oh Kelli,
My book shelf is full of them. The grain mill, well you are sounding more and more like a homeschool mom. ;-) As you start to "roost" I am full time school, part time ministry getting ready for empty nest. With the exception of Sam, in 5 years Dave I will have all graduates. I am so blessed to see the women of God you are continuing to grow to become. I am honored to know you. Only wish you lived closer to all of us.
See you in September of 09 of not a north country visit before then ;-)

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