Friday, June 13, 2008

Bread making

I did it. I purchased a grain mill. Six months ago had you asked me what a grain mill was this is exactly what I pictured in my mind:

Needless to say, this is not what I purchased. I've recently had the pleasure of being around other moms that make their own bread and after learning about and (even better) tasting the difference, I am excited to make this lifestyle change. I've gone the bread machine route before, but for me that was pretty faddish. Now that I truly understand it all, I am happy to make the change for my family's health.

As I was researching the benefits of making my own bread, I've found that grinding your own wheat is the first step and a very important step I might add. Luckily, it has little to do with a water wheel or I don't think I'd have gotten very far.

Anyway, here's what my grain mill will look like:

Here are a few interesting sites on breadmaking as well...


Joyful Living for You

The Country Bakers

And the benefits of home made bread...

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