Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spain - Part One

Another GREAT day!!

We're in Santa Pola with Simon's parents. The day flew by!
We are having such a fantastic time, and are trying to soak in every single minute.

Mom, guess what I'm sitting down to watch this very minute - Season Two of Downton Abbey!

Spain, here we come!

Simon's mom and dad picked us up from the airport
and we headed where else?
The Beach!

Toes in the Mediterranean!
We were totally overdressed -
Simon didn't have his Speedo on and I  wasn't topless!!

Great time with Noel and Allison!
It's been a year since we've seen them!

To be honest, not sure what this statue is coming out of the water!

Spanish gallion docked in the harbor

16th century castle overlooking Alicante
 Oh, there are so many stories I've not been able to share yet! I just wanted to get these photos out before heading to bed!

Manana? Soaking up the rays and relaxing on the beach - with my top on and Simon in a real bathing suit! :)
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Ali said...

Hey! We're waiting on our Grahams. "Mom, are they leaving at 8:45 or are they going to be here at 8:45? Can we wait outside?" I've got a schedule and I'm excited to love on your little ones while you are on you European Adventure!!!

Just His Best said...

You have no idea how indebted I am to you, sweet Ali!!!

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