Saturday, October 1, 2011

Paris - Part Four

Haviland-  As promised here are photos of all the dogs that we found. We will continue to keep a lookout for a French poodle!

For everyone else- Haviland had requested pictures of "French dogs" in particular, a French poodle. Simon was such a trooper taking pictures of random dogs for Haviland. You should have seen his sly tactics. There was just no easy way to explain in broken French what in the world he was doing. He would do anything for his children!! :)

Today was a great day of much needed relaxation with Catherine and Steinar. We are so blessed to have such great company while were are here!

We walked to the main street of Sceaux for their market day and then relaxed the rest of the day.

I love foreign street signs. Don't know why.

Somehow, France is hotter than Georgia today (mid 80s on the first day of October!).
So thankful I had a tank top with me!

I don't even know what all this is, but how does it all look so good?

The market in Sceaux

I really wanted to purchase these, but wouldn't have the foggiest idea
of what to look for in a used violin.

Sorry to focus so much on food, but seriously how could you not???

I chose quiche for lunch. I wasn't disappointed!

Tomorrow's agenda?

Flying to Spain first thing in the morning to visit with Simon's parents. This will be quite a feat since I haven't awoken before 10am since I've arrived! Buenos noches!
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