Monday, December 13, 2010

The Birds' Christmas Carol

Just the fact that this story begins with a baby girl that is born at home on Christmas Day is reason enough for me to connect with and love The Birds' Christmas Carol.

This story was authored by Kate Douglas Wiggin and first published in 1886. If her name is familiar, you probably know her from her 1903 children's novel, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

I discovered this book a year ago, but it was in e-book form and to be honest, as much as I tried reading it on my computer, it brought no joy and I certainly could not imagine snuggling down with my own Christmas baby to read this book from a screen. So, while I had saved it on my desktop I never thought to look at it again.

Fast forward to this year, would you ever believe that as I was perusing the discarded book section at the library last week this very book was there in the stack staring back at me??? The 25¢ price tag was just the icing on the cake!

Here's just one of the sweet parts in the book:

...I used to think, the first thing when I waked up on Christmas morning, "Today is Christ's birthday - and mine!" I did not put the words close together, you know, because that made it seem to bold; but I first said, "Christ's birthday," out loud, and then, in a minute, softly to myself - "and mine!"  "Christ's birthday - and mine!" And so I do not quite feel about Christmas as other girls do.

In case you can't find this book in print yourself, here's the next best thing.

The Birds' Christmas Carol

Merry Christmas!!

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