Friday, August 6, 2010

School Year Planning - Part Two

The next step for me after praying is to consider what work habits and character traits need to be addressed for the upcoming year. I'd love to jump right to the lesson planning, but heart attention must come first.

One thing we will always be working on is serving each other. This affects me as often as the kids as I tend to demand what I want, when I want it and how. Not exactly a servant's heart. I think this is so important in our every day lives since we will never learn to serve others when it hasn't been modeled and practiced in our own homes.

For Jackson this year we need to focus on diligence and hard work. He loves to think, but is not a do-er. He often asks for money jobs if he's saving for something but if it requires an ounce of sweat then he's not interested in the least.

Haviland, like me, struggles with too much talk and not enough focus and follow through. We both tend to have great ideas and get sidetracked.

Bennett, poor Bennett just needs to be included and to find his own niche. When Jackson and Haviland were each three we didn't have school work to do and could play all day if we wanted to, but now it often seems that Bennett is too old to not include, but also too young to keep up with us. My goal with him is to have specific time when we all learn to play something that he would like so he's not always the tagalong or troublemaker.

As for Whitaker, we're just trying to get him on some type of schedule that allows us to get done what we need to do and not over tire him when we do get away from our schedule.

Next task...getting it all on paper!

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