Saturday, August 7, 2010

School Year Planning - Part Three

Okay, the next step in planning the school year is the nitty-gritty scheduling.

Audrey, a precious friend over at Made to Organize, is always such a help and was gracious enough to share her schedule that helped me tremendously. Since our schedule varies slightly from day to day, I've done a schedule for each of us and have posted them all here. We also have a "Grand Master" schedule that would make anyone's head spin to look at, but it's more of a reference since there is so much information on one page.

Here are a couple of guidelines that I used in creating the schedule:

1. It has to be as simple and consistent as possible. I believe in doing less and doing it well. (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays are almost the same and Tuesdays & Thursdays are our "out of the house" mornings.)

2. Quiet time in the afternoons are a must - for both the children and myself! The little ones nap, but Jackson and Haviland have one hour of a quiet time activity that has been scheduled ahead for them (listening to audio CDs, music or memory work as well as reading, drawing, coloring, etc.) and one hour of quiet time play alone (ex. Lego for Jackson or Calico Critters for Haviland).

3. I scheduled most of our activities to be integrated so everyone can be involved. Of course, everyone participates at their own level, but it makes for a much calmer routine if we are working together on one task as opposed to trying to keep up with everyone doing separate tasks. For example, during our Bible Study and prayer time Bennett sits with us. (This is a skill in and of itself so if your children cannot sit still when asked then work on obedience, not curriculum!) He is allowed to look at one of his storybook Bibles and as I am asking the older two questions I throw in random questions for him so he feels included.

4.  Give grace to myself (daily) when things don't go as I plan. I rest in the fact that there ARE enough hours in the day to accomplish what the Lord has asked of me. Usually when I get stressed it is because I am focused on what I think needs to be done, not anything that really matters at the end of the day.

Note: You may notice that Whitaker (9 months) doesn't have a schedule. For him, the only things that are standard are eating and napping, so some how, some way he'll have fit into our day. :)

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