Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's in your mailbox?

I'm a sucker for mail, particularly catalogs. I admit in the past I fixated on Pottery Barn and the like, or 'Porn'ery Barn, as my friend's husband calls it. It's seriously a woman's lustful downfall!

Now that I'm homeschooling I love to find great resources and while this too can become an addiction I just had to share some of my favorites. Just click the links below to request a copy for yourself.

Timberdoodle - How would I describe Timberdoodle? They sell curriculum but oh-so-much-more! Their descriptions of items are in-depth and written so you feel like you are receiving advice from a friend.

Veritas Press - Probably my favorite catalog to date. Even if you have no plans to homeschool, the resources and readers in here are phenomenal. A must-have for sure! Their website has lots of resources as well so check it out.

Classical Conversations - Someone over at CC has been doing their job well since this year's catalog is fantastic. It explains it all - Classical. Christian. Community. Their catalog is more of a resource than a list of products that I go back to time and time again throughout the year. I once let someone borrow my copy and never got it back. I'll not make that mistake again - go order your own!!! :)

Rainbow Resource - When this catalog arrives in your mailbox you'll know it. It's 1,300 pages. I am not exaggerating. Larger than most phone books, Rainbow Resource has it all and for usually the best price. Since Rainbow Resource doesn't charge shipping if you order from them at a homeschool conference, their booth is usually jam-packed and for good reason. They've got it ALL.

Sonlight - If you'd like suggestions on readers, Sonlight has them. I find their site harder to navigate which is why I like a print copy of their catalog to mark for my wish lists.

Okay, that's a few of my favorites. Any others to add???

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Ali said...

It's so funny that I would even check your blog after just seeing you, but I always love to see what is going on at JHB! I feel like rounding up all of my catalogs and sitting a spell!

trooppetrie said...

we love bob jones

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