Thursday, April 1, 2010

Creation, Fall in the Garden, Cain and Abel...

We're still reading some of our books from last month's picks, so this month I wanted to share our favorite History resources that we've used this year.

Every year at CC, we learn and recite the timeline history of the world - from Creation through Modern America. We've used Veritas Press Flashcards which have a world event on the front and a description about the event on the backside of the card. These are hands-down, the most popular and well used material at CC and throughout our homeschool.

The only downside to the cards is that they are each 5 x 8 inches and are too large to display all at once. I was thrilled to discover History Through the Ages Timeline Figures which are about 2 x 2 inches. This has allowed us to display our entire history timeline in the school room. We have enjoyed having this up and I'm amazed that when we either read a book, see something on tv, or in the newspaper the kids run to the timeline to see where it fits in.

Even as small as the figures are, the timeline takes up 3 1/2 walls in the schoolroom.

And now, in typical CC fashion, here is Haviland reciting her timeline - Creation to Modern America.
(So I don't risk boring you, I videoed her in four segments and this is only part one but the rest is viewable on YouTube as well.)

Note: Yes, she does make a few mistakes, so don't confuse "her"story, with "HIS"story! :)

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Steph said...

so cute! and impressive

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