Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Week






The week leading up to Easter.

I've been wondering what it was like to witness such an event.

From Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem and hearing the sounds of cheer and praise that quickly became jeers and taunts as He was tried, beaten, and crucified.

Can I really understand the cost that ransomed my sinful and wicked heart?


Yesterday at Sunday School we were discussing evil and suffering in the world and why God doesn't do something about it. We can point right to the cross and His sacrifice for the answer.

The answer is: He has.

Author Paul Little says this, "God has done something about the problem of evil. He has done the most dramatic, costly, and effective thing possible by giving His Son to die for evil man. It is possible for man to escape God's inevitable judgment on sin and evil. It is also possible to have its power broken by entering into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The ultimate answer to the problem of evil at the personal level is found in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ."

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