Monday, March 22, 2010

Pillow Talk

No, not that kind of pillow talk, but that would be nice too! I'm talking about serious pillow issues here.

I cannot remember the last time I laid my head on my pillow at night and didn't think about how uncomfortable it is. Some time, I'd say in the last month or so, it has turned from soft and squishy, to lumpy and bumpy.
Does anyone out there have a favorite pillow? I have heard quite a bit about memory foam pillows and am curious if I'd be comfortable with one of those.

I tell you, my absolute favorite pillow comes from Westin's (that's right, the hotel chain), "Heavenly Bed" Collection. Seriously, back in the day as a flight attendant, us gals would get so excited if our layover hotel was at a Westin Hotel. If you have never slept on one of their featherbeds, duvets, and pillow, please go and check in to their hotel for a night and tell me if I'm exaggerating!

 So, before I try and talk Simon into letting me purchase a $68 pillow, any other suggestions???

UPDATE: Ooh, I just found a 35% off coupon code! Hmmm, wonder if Simon wants one too...
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Occupation: Home Manager said...

Oh, I hear ya about the Westin beds!!! Liam used to travel when he was single, and so we stayed in one for a few nights of our honeymoon in Hawaii. I say GET ONE!!!

We have a couple of European down pillows and a duvet. We like it, but pales in comparison.


Sara said...

wow, never heard of this before. I use a tempurpedic-like pillow that's old as the hills and really should think about getting a new one. Did you know that 10% of the weight of a two year old pillow is composed of dust mites and their droppings? Now you're going to ban me from your blog... Anyway, don't feel too bad about getting a new pillow, but maybe think about getting one thats resistant to mites?

Just His Best said...

I was at the mall yesterday and temperpedic pillows are the same price as the Heavenly pillow.

It seems like you can get a pillow for $5.00 and then the next price range is the $40.00 pillow. Is this what everyone else notices or is that me?

Sara said...

sometimes you can get fancy brand-name pillows at TJMaxx for cheaper...

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