Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swagbucks Anniversary

Swagbucks is having its two year anniversary and they've made some changes - changes to their bucks system and award system. Basically, they've multiplied everything by ten so while I did have 37 Swagbucks, I now have 370. Now does this mean anything to me? I can't say that it makes any real difference since the price of awards had increased as well.

Still, I have found it an easy way to earn gift cards to do something that I already do (web searches). If you haven't signed up yet and have been meaning to you can go HERE and enter the code SWAGADVENTURE to start you off with 60 Swagbucks.

Has anyone else had success with this?

You can read more about these changes here.

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Just His Best said...

BTW, it's Megabucks Friday and I just won 40 Swagbucks!

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