Sunday, February 28, 2010

She made a mistake

On Friday, I was helping Jackson and Haviland choose their topics for their weekly presentation at Classical Conversations. Jackson chose the Aztecs and Haviland chose Joan of Arc. I told Haviland the story of Joan of Arc and then asked her to pick out three facts she would like to talk about.

Here's what she said:

"Hi. My name is Haviland and I would like to tell you about Joan of Arc."
"Joan of Arc was from France."
"She wanted to fight the English so she dressed up like a boy."
"Then she made a mistake and she died."

I looked at Haviland and said, "What mistake did Joan of Arc make?"

She replied, "Mom, I don't know. You said she made a mistake."

Remembering the story I told her, I just about burst out laughing as I corrected her, "No, honey. She didn't make a mistake, she was burned at the stake!" 

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Occupation: Home Manager said...

This is too funny! But I'm with you in that we are talking with Gavin for the first time about Jesus' suffering and death. So hard to explain these things to children!!!

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