Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 40 and what a difference a year makes

Well, I've made it to my due date and no baby. Is that a surprise to anyone? At least my body is consistent!

I'm just enjoying these last few days as much as I can. The kids are getting really excited. Jackson asked me today exactly what sounds I will make so he will know it's time. He's also made sure that he knows how to call Simon, my mom and the midwife in case I need him to. And Haviland wanted to know today if I'll have another baby at the same time she does when she grows up so we can both rock our babies together. Sweet thought Haviland, but.... no! :)
I'll keep everyone updated! Please continue to keep me and the baby in prayers for a smooth delivery and that everyone is where they need to be when the time comes.
Note: After I posted this today I realized that it is one year to the day that I found out that I would miscarry my last pregnancy. So many thoughts go through my head when I think about how the Lord carries us from one year to the next. This time last year I was mourning the loss of life and this year I am eagerly anticipating the beginning of a new life.
Indeed, He has "made all things beautiful in its time". Ecclesiastes 3:11


Made To Organize said...

I can't believe it will be any day now! It just doesn't seem real! So excited!!

Kelli said...

Oh Kelli....The Lord is truly awesome isn't he? Sending virtual HUGS to you!! Wish I could be there for you to give you a real Hug! I can't wait to see pics of your gorgeous little man! And hear all about his birth! Love you! Talk to you soon!

Sara said...

Wow, to the day! I miscarried last November and am expecting Arielle in November, so I am right there with you in awe of God's special gift to each of us. He is good.

Steph said...

I had a great time today - thank you so much. The bread is awesome - I love it - and can not wait to start that process when things settle out a little.

Our God is so redemptive. I can not wait for Whitaker to make his entrance.

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