Thursday, October 8, 2009

I guess there isn't a better time

I just had to laugh this morning as I walked into the garage after a not-so-hot shower to discover that our hot water heater was leaking all over the garage floor.

This morning in prayer I was asking the Lord to help me surrender all of my desires surrounding the birth and just asked for His wisdom when it comes everything. The timing of it, who will be where, how it will happen, etc.

One thing I've never thought about is the "something" that I take completely for granted.

Hot water.

You know, if you're planning a homebirth, hot water is one of those things that you really don't want to go without. There would be no heated birth pool to labor in, no shower afterwards, no way to wash sheets, towels, etc. Not exactly my dream birth experience.

While it did put a crimp in our day, I am so thankful this happened before I went into labor and not during. I had this funny vision of having a plumber here in addition to the ten people that are already supposed to be here. What's one more person, right?

Oddly enough, one of my first thoughts was "If this doesn't get fixed in time, do I have any friends that love me enough to let me come birth at their house?"

Any takers? :)


Steph said...

LOL sure why not!

Sara said...

sheesh, hope you get it fixed before Whit's finished cooking in his nice warm bath.

Kelli said...

LOL!!!!! Oh Kelli... ya poor thing. Is it fixed yet? Ugh...

Danielle said...

I BEG you to come to my house. Seriously, you know I would have been a viable option. I'd almost recommend you planning for it so that I could have been person #11.

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