Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Fall?

The temperatures this week have tumbled into the 80s. Brrrrr. It's only a high of 87 today. Long past time to decorate for the fall, wouldn't you say?

Actually, one project led to another and I ended up making these pumpkin topiaries. I had started by cleaning off the front porch (I call it a porch, but is it much more than a stoop?) and washed the grimy door and windows which had not been done in the two years we've lived here. I then didn't want to put the old "stuff" back on the porch and got the itch for something new. Of course, everything out now in the stores is for the fall and even Christmas - good grief! - so I broke down and bought what I needed to make the topiaries (which I've wanted to do for some time) and found a matching wreath.

After cleaning the porch it looked too bare with nothing on it, so I couldn't resist breaking out Simon's power tools, putting it together and setting it all out.
Of course, in the end I'll use my nesting excuse. There's no way I'd have time for this once Whitaker arrives, right??? :)
Happy Fall, Ya'll!


Steph said...

love it!

Ali said...

Adorable...and no, there would be no time after Whitaker!!! Way to be on the ball, Kelli! :)

Ashley said...


Made To Organize said...

I LOVE IT! Where do you get these great ideas? I absolutely adore the topiaries!

Sara said...

Wow, what a great idea! Really beautiful Kelli.

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