Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shopping on Amazon

Does anyone shop Amazon as much as I do?

I find I use it more and more and wanted to ask a favor. If you are shopping for anything and you think of it, please click through to Amazon by using link to the right (either the "Shop at Amazon" link or the Carousel Widget) and I will earn 4% on the things you buy. It can be anything, not just products I highlight on my blog.

Granted, 4% isn't that much money but it is something and I wanted to let everyone know about it. I'd love to use the money and donate it to a worthy cause. Maybe have the kids vote on their favorite ministry or charity each time would be neat.

I'll try it for a few months (checks/credit are issued by Amazon once you reach $10.00 in earnings) and let everyone know the status. So far, I'm at $6.53.

Now, if you are an Amazon Associate as well can you please let me know and I can use your link when I shop? I don't earn money by clicking my own link to shop so I feel that it is definitely money wasted and I'd be happy to click through someone's link.

Happy Shopping! :)

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