Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Great Sunflower Project

For part of Jackson's birthday present back in May, my friend Danielle sent us a packet of sunflower seeds and encouraged us to join The Great Sunflower Project with them. Unfortunately, I think some waskally wabbits ate theirs so forging ahead on our own, here's what we got.

Since we already had a garden, planting was a breeze. I meant to take pictures of the flowers as they grew but they grew so fast it seemed as if I had hardly blinked before they were about 7 feet tall.
Now we're reporting our bee data online and enjoying watching them all bloom.
While I think the free seeds have already been given out for 2009, you can still join the project with your own sunflowers.
Interesting fact: Bees are responsible for every third bite of food we eat!

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