Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A few last pictures

Well, our bags have been returned, unpacking is done and laundry washed. We're still battling jet lag and were in bed asleep by 8pm. Tonight we may make it to 9pm. :)

Here are a few other pictures of our great time in Northern Ireland.
Simon's cousins children (Jack, Scott, Darcie, Megan)

Simon's college friend and best man, Warren (& his wife Lisa and daughter Jessica)

Eating lunch at The Crown Bar in Belfast

View of Belfast with historic cranes Samson and Goliath in the background
(the Titanic was built here)

Simon's alma mater - Queen's University (Belfast)

The enormous "Wheel" in Belfast- fun, but nerve wracking!

Nana Graham treating the kids to a treat from the ice cream man

1 comment:

Made To Organize said...

The picture with you guys and Warren and Lisa...You do NOT even look pregnant!! Great pictures! Can't wait to catch up on Tuesday.

haha, here's a new google verification name for ya: Dissai...hmm, sounds too girly! LOL! :)

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