Monday, April 20, 2009

WONderful, WONderful Camp McDowell!

My sister's church diocese in Alabama held a Mother Daughter Retreat this past weekend and we were invited along. We had great mother/daughter/sister/cousin time. Lots of fun!

Just go left at the fork in the road!

You can do it Haviland! Use those muscles!

Picnic and Hayride. Smile Anna!

Well, we didn't actually go canoeing, but this was close.

Haviland's new camp friend, Emma Grace.

Thanks for the lift Anna!

Sweet shot, but truth be known we we snuggling with hot tea. Man, was I cold that day!

Cousins AND friends!

We'll be back again...we hope!


Sara said...

I'm looking forward to having that kind of fun with Eden when she gets older. Haviland is so pretty, by the way.

Ali said...

Sweet! The picture of Haviland in the hat reminds me of YOU!!!

Kelli said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Some great pics in there too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! Staci's little girl looks JUST like her! Give them all my best!

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