Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Ticker

I just found the best pregnancy ticker that I've added to the right. What makes this ticker different from so many others is that it is based on a 42 week pregnancy. What so many of us have never been taught is that 40 weeks is the average length of a pregnancy, meaning that half of women go before their 40th week and half after. We aren't really overdue until after 42 weeks.

You'll notice the difference in dates in this pregnancy ticker and the one below it with the baby. The one with the baby reflects an erroneous but very common assumption of what a full term pregnancy is.


Kasia said...

VERY cool! Makes me wish I was pregnant so I could put a cute ticker on my blog too! My family (both sides) always get upset because we neglect to remember our "due date"and therefore only give a range. Hope you're enjoying parking in the "expectant mother" parking spaces up front!!!

Ashley and Audrey said...

I think it's about time to get these kids together! Email me when you get a chance and you guys can come over for lunch! :)

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