Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Midwife Goodness

When is the last time you had a health care provider drive more than two hours to your house for your appointment and visit with you for over an hour and a half?

This afternoon I'm on a midwife high.

After having had three OB appointments already in this pregnancy, it's so easy to believe that that was as good as it gets. I mean, after all, my OB is kind, thorough and professional. What more could I want?

That all flew out the window when I reconnected with my midwife today.

I hadn't seen her in what was close to two years- the last time being at my postnatal checkup after Bennett was born. The minute she stepped out of her car all that time slipped away. We hugged and immediately began catching up on the latest - her recently attended births, her family, my family and last but not least, my health and pregnancy.

Since she's a Christian, I shared with her how the Lord walked with me during my miscarriage last fall and how I'm doing now- my hopes for this pregnancy and my fears. All of this just spilled out without her ever having to ask. Funny that even with my OB asking me if I have any questions, I never even consider broaching those subjects.

She checked my blood pressure, measured my fundal height, I weighed myself and had a refresher course in checking my urine for protein, blood, specific gravity, and levels of pH, nitrites, leukocites, bilirubin and glucose... so that's what the nurses do with my pee when I put it through the hole in the wall at the OB's office! :) It's fascinating stuff to me and I love knowing what's going on with my body.

All this going on while the kids ran around playing and helping her with her "mystery bag" with measuring tape, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope inside.
And yet, my midwife will make the more than 4 hour total drive no less than 10 more times during this pregnancy, delivery and for post natal visits.
Is it any wonder the the names of the midwives in the book of Exodus in the Bible (Puah and Shiphrah) when translated from Hebrew into English means "Beauty" and "Splendor"? :)


Sara said...

I'm jealous.

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Congratulations!!!!! I am so excited for you!

Ali said...

I'm so thankful we are friends.

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