Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all. I wanted to start the year by reflecting on '08. It's in my head, but I haven't made time to sit and write it yet.

So, I'll just start the year with one of my favorite topics - birth. A friend sent this slideshow my way.

Contrast that with the lady giving birth on the airplane this week. You just know I have to pick on this story and had to laugh at the doctor's comment - “She was almost fainting,” said Thakker, referring to the mother who was in “lots of pain.”

However, I cannot figure out why the mother did not hold the baby until about 15 minutes after he was born and why the mother is all wrapped up like that as she's leaving the plane. She wasn't rescued from Mount Everest, she just had a baby.

Woman Gives Birth on Boston-bound Plane

I guess to most people both of these scenerios are strange, but you know me, I love birth stories.


giftonartistry said...

What a beautiful slideshow. Even though you saw some of the tough moments on her face. You saw so much more of the wonder and beauty of bringing a new life into the world. Family coming together and welcoming a new child with joy. Sigh... just wonderful.

Giving birth on a plane however.. I don't know if that could look so beautiful.

Sara said...

I'm sobbing now Kelli. Thanks a lot!
Wow! Are there many things more profoundly beautiful in this world? I actually smiled through my tears at the faces she was making over the ball and in the tub. You know those faces mean something wonderful is happening. :)

Kasia said...

I love that birth is your favorite topic!

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