Monday, October 27, 2008


Well, I took the kids with me for early voting last week and it was tough pressing that "Cast Ballot" button. I did stick to my guns though and more importantly my convictions and voted for....


I am so grateful to have the opportunity to write in my choice!! Now of course I know that won't get my way, but then again, I have been praying for God's will, not mine and I am at peace knowing I voted on what I believe are God's standards, not the lesser of two evils.

FYI- To confess, I did do what I consider a great amount of research of both candidates before voting. Imagine my embarrassment when I, with an air of smugness about me - believing that I did my homework - was shocked that I was there to not only vote for the presidental election but local elections as well. What a moron I am! I even read the newspaper daily... wouldn't you think I'd know that???

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Ashley and Audrey said...

Unfortunately, I did the exact same thing today! Never heard of over half the local people on the ballot!! Oh well, at least we tried. I'm sure God was thinking, "...My will will be done regardless of your ignorance! Cut yourself some slack!" :)

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