Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sign Language Camp

Here are some pictures from the Sign Language Camp I taught a few weeks ago. I had twenty 5-9 year olds and we had a blast. They learned almost 100 signs in five days.

I had never taught this age before, so it was quite a treat. With babies, it's usually months before you see the lightbulb turn on so this was immediate gratification. On the other hand, in adult classes, they can understand what you mean, but are usually much more shy about signing something and worry if they dont' get it 'just right'.

Jackson had a good time too. He did ask me if I am always the teacher everywhere we go. It's funny, but I hadn't thought of it that way... :)


Danielle said...

How cool! I'm so proud of you! They all look they are having fun.Hayden saw you signing "bat or love-it's hard to tell!!". He should be an interpreter! I'm sure Hayden would have had a blast at your class.

Ashley said...

Hi Kellie. I remembered that I saved your email that had your blog link under "from friends." Isn't that sweet? J/K!! We had a great time time today. I look forward to spending more time together. Maybe next time it will be less stressful. See you soon. Ashley

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