Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Budding photojournalist

This week, Haviland has had the best time taking pictures with the camera. Here's some of her latest work-

(above) doll distress (below) shot of herself wearing Bennett's slippers

And my favorites...

Yes, this is me in the morning. The hair is au natural.

Another one of me in the kitchen.

Yes. Yet another picture of me in the kitchen. Do I ever move from that one spot????


cookieladyatl said...

THANK YOU! It's about time that we had pictures of your mom on here. It's been too long since I've last seen her. Now, how about some of your dad? Keep up the great photography!

Sara said...

look at you! you are a brave, honest woman. kudos to you for doing exactly what you said you wanted to do and making your blog real. i have to say, before your last sentence there at the end of your blog, i had already decided my comment would read, "do you ever get out of the kitchen?" but then you said it... hehe

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