Wednesday, July 9, 2008

He's a-walking

At 14 months, Bennett is officially a walker! Yea Bennett! For me, this has always marked the end of infancy and the beginning of toddlerhood, so maybe I'm not so excited after all. In the past, we've always known for sure that, God willing, we would have another child. This time, however, we just don't know.

One day, it's, "Yes, we're done." The other days it's "Are we sure we're done?" It doesn't help that on the days that I'm convinced that we're complete as a family of five, Simon will mention how we still have empty spaces at the dinner table and on the days when I mention how great it would be for Haviland to have a sister, Simon talks about the ever-increasing cost of college and weddings.

So, the conversation continues. We do know one thing for sure though. Children are a blessing and we do not take that blessing lightly. Recently I've been reading articles and praying about scripture that involve this very topic and once again am challenged. More on that later, but for now-

Bennett Bear,

I love you so much. You are a gift to our family and if you are the last child we have, we couldn't go out on a higher note. Please forgive me for only changing your diaper when your siblings tell me, "Mom, something smells. I think it's Bennett." (somehow my nose has become immune to the smell of poop) and for only bathing you when I remember- "Has it been 2 days or three? Well, one more day won't hurt." :) You have amazing patience and a giggle that makes my day. May God help me to know your heart and to lead it straight to Him.

Love, Momma


Danielle said...

Oiyohhh! My heart melts.

Elissa said...

Ok - The combo of "Baby Mine" and the sweet note to Bennett have me in tears at my desk AT WORK....Hope the boss doesn't walk by!
All children are such a gift from God. We are blessed beyond measure. Thanks for the reminder!

Sara said...

I had Eden on my lap at the computer and when "Baby Mine" came on she completely stopped all her bouncing and banging and was completely still for the whole song. I used to sing this to her in the womb and for the first couple of months of her life. I guess she remembers... thanks for facilitating a precious moment.

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