Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birthday Photos...finally!

Yes, these are long overdue!

No excuses, just life. :)

Happy 2nd Birthday Whitaker!!

Whitaker, you are talking up a storm and most often ask, "Why Mom?" and "What's this?"
Nothing gets past you!

You are rough and tough and sweet and funny.

A truck, car, train, ball or sword is always in your hand (often all at once!).

I often listen at your bedroom door as you sing your "ABCs" or "Mr. Sun". 

When you see me sitting down you run over and say "Read book." 
and climb on my lap before I can protest.

Jackson, Haviland, & Bennett think the world of you 
and often fight to get you a drink 
or to open your bedroom door every morning to be the first to see you.

You take every chance to play (& stay) outside.

You have made me a very proud mommy to have you as my son! 

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