Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paris - Part One

It was a long flight, but we made it!

Thankfully the food got much better after this. Keep reading...

Ahhh, coffee and pastries at a cafe.
Goofy smile, but I had a mouthful of Citrus Sublime at the moment. 

Downtown Sceaux, France.

Sublime indeed!

Catherine and Steinar's chateau...ha-ha!
This chateau is in the town park and gardens. Stunning.  Pictures don't do it justice!
Very warm weather today - mid 80s.

We're hitting the bed early. It's 9pm and we're bushed after having only slept what feels like an hour on the flight last night!

More adventures to come!
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Ali said...

I've got smooshed raisins on the floor, dishes in the sink, stuff stuff stuff on the's like you are in another universe...thankfully you are in a universe with internet! Keep posting!!! :)

Just His Best said...

I feel like I am in another universe for sure!!

Not that I don't love being home, but a break is definitely nice!

Miss you!

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