Sunday, September 25, 2011

2 jours!!

Yes, only 2 days until Simon and I set off for France to meet our new nephew, Daniel!

It seems more like a dream than reality. This is one trip that has come together only with the help of such great family and friends. We could never afford this trip at this stage of life without everyone!

Here's how it's panning out:

  • A precious flight attendant friend of mine offered us buddy passes (Thank you Carol Jane!!!).
  • Mom, Dad and five other families are stepping in to help watch the children. (Thank you Mom, Dad, Audrey, Ali, Laura, Amanda & Ashley!!)
  • Once we arrive in Paris, Catherine, Steinar and Daniel will pick us up from the airport and take us to their home in Sceaux. (Yes! Free accommodations and lots of baby love!)
  • Friday is our 11th wedding anniversary. Seriously? I'll be in Paris with my husband on our anniversary?? (I love you honey!!!)
  • On Sunday, Simon's Mom and Dad are flying us to Alicante, Spain to visit with them for a couple of days. (We can't wait! We didn't see the beach at all this year!)
  • On Tuesday we fly back to Paris and spend the rest of the week with Catherine, Steinar and Daniel.
Please keep us in your prayers for safe travels, for the kids, and for everyone watching the kids. 

Au revoir!!!

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