Thursday, July 28, 2011

School Year Planning [part three]- The Needs

Now that I've gotten my resources sorted it's time to plan!

Here are the biggest changes (& challenges) I face this year:

  • Whitaker only takes afternoon naps, not like a morning and afternoon nap like he took last year. 
  • Last year Bennett was happy playing and wasn't concerned about school at all. Now at 4, he suddenly wants "in" on everything.
  • Haviland will be in first grade - the official time to start reporting her. While I am very fortunate to live in a state that does not have many regulations and paper work to fill out, I do have to be more diligent with her record keeping from this point forward.
  • Jackson is definitely turning a corner and since this is our second time around in Cycle 3, I can already see his wheels turning more and asking questions at a whole new level. Great for him, more work for me! :)
  • And last but not least, after quite some time of the Lord's prompting, I've stepped up to the plate as Foundations Director for our new Classical Conversations community, so I'll have to be on the ball more to strike a good balance between serving my family and serving others.
Before I could put pen to paper and even think about curriculum I knew I needed to pray for and about each child and ask what they specifically need this year.

Two friends of mine shared these resources - thank you Amanda and Sharon!

They've been a great place to start! 

In Part 4, I'll address the curriculum I'll be using and the resources to help in the journey!

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