Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm still here!!

Talk about blogging trouble, somehow I allowed my domain name,, to expire and an having the worst time getting it back.

I am still very much here, so if you're still out there please bookmark me at until I can get this figured out!!! :)

I guess it's just as well anyway since our camera finally went kaput and I'm waiting on a replacement!!

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gifton said...

Hi Kelli!
Thank you for leaving a message on my blog.

This must have been when I lost track of you!

Your posts stopped showing up in my reader around the end of july and I tried to follow the link and you were nowhere to be found. I just assumed you stopped blogging!

I enjoyed catching up and will put your new address in my reader. I really wanted to catch up with you and pick your brain about home birth. Hopefully we can do that in the future. Miss you bunches.

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