Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here a chick, there a chick

Everywhere a chick chick!

Six to be exact!

Some dear friends decided to get their children some baby chicks a few weeks back. We were intrigued, but not won over. Fast forward three weeks and well, look at us now.

Haviland has yearned for a cuddly pet for more than six months now, but we just could not commit to the responsibility long term. However, we have friends that keep chickens for eggs and have agreed to taking our sweet chicks when they grow a bit.

So far, it's the best of both worlds. I have never seen Haviland so over the moon and motherly towards anything.

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Kristi said...

I would love to keep chickens,but between the city regulations, the military life, and the dogs it's just a dream for now. We had a hen house when we were kids and it was a great experience. My brothers burned so much energy just chasing the rooster. :) Maybe someday

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