Sunday, April 3, 2011

Catching Up - Part Two

Okay, the longer I go without posting, the more I have to add!!

Last week was great, but very busy!

We finished our THIRD year of Classical Conversations!! It's so hard to believe! We still have at least a month to go to finish our  math and language arts curriculum for this year, but now we can slow down the pace and enjoy what we've learned.

Backing up, I attended the Southeast Homeschool Conference on March 17 & 18 with some great friends. I only managed these two shots, but I think there were at least 20 of us from Augusta that drove to Greenville, SC. It was wonderful encouragement! I'll have to post on my favorite sessions I sat in on.

More soon, I promise!!!

These girls are the sweetest. I think they were bleary-eyed on this day after reportedly staying up talking until 4:30am. Even with no children around they couldn't seem to get a full night's sleep!!

Audrey, myself and Amanda
Audrey and Amanda met eight years ago while taking childbirth classes together with their firstborns
and have just reconnected in the past year... via homeschooling!
Between just us seven we have a total of 26 children. With all of my other friends that attended we have a grand total of 81 children!!!! And that's just in my immediate home school circle of friends. What a blessing and a treasure it is to be on this journey with such amazing families!

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Our Journey to Africa said...

What a blessing to have such an incredible circle of support and encouragement. I can't imagine a biological sister being more of a blessing than my sisters in Christ.

Kristen said...

Kelli, I have lost touch and don't have your email address. Email me at - I want to send you a Christmas card of the Benoit clan! :)

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