Monday, November 1, 2010

What was in your trick or treat bag?

We took the kids trick or treating in the neighborhood last night and it was so much fun to watch their excitement.

Of course for many Christian parents it is a tough decision whether or not to let their children participate in Halloween festivities. Some families overwhelmingly disapprove and others embrace it to extremes. It's one of those tough things and while we don't pretend Santa, we do allow the kids to trick or treat.

In any case, when their buckets were full, they ran in the door and dumped their treasures on the living room floor. This year, however, I did notice lots of unfamiliar items in their stash - Church flyers, Bible tracts and yes, even a church-sponsored coupon from Chik-fil-A that said, "Amen to Chikin" on it (I'm not exaggerating - see below!).

While most commercialization of Christianity (as in above example) gets under my skin I guess I can at least be glad that many churches are not ignoring the "holiday", but choosing to let people know that there can be light in the darkness of life.

Was there anything unexpected in your children's loot?

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