Saturday, October 16, 2010

Classical Conversations 2010/2011

Can we really be on week seven at Classical Conversations already??

I take turns helping out in Jackson and Haviland's room and this week I was in Haviland's class. The first six weeks in Fine Arts was drawing and this week we began tin whistle. One of the dads helps with this and is wonderful instructing everyone. He dresses up differently every week (this week he was a detective) and the children love his enthusiasm.

In science, we're studying astronomy and we took our science outside to build a solar system model with different size balls. Each child helped measure out the next planet placement and then took turns traveling through the solar system. I don't ever remember science being this enjoyable!

Then we headed indoors for presentations as well as our memory and map work.

Such a full, fun day. I love our CC community!!

Mr. Young leads us in tin whistle. We love his weekly costumes!

Emily, Haviland & Julia practice their tin whistle fingering

Bennett practicing being the Pied Piper

Science- making a scale model of the solar system

Zooming through the solar system
on our way to the sun

Mrs. Humphrey helping with map work


Sing with me - "Indian, Arctic, and the Atlantic, and the Pacific are oceans!"
                                                                                                       Presentation- Guess what's in the bag?


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September (or Susie) said...

What an great group you have there - we'd love something like that. It looks like you all had a lot of fun :-)

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