Monday, August 23, 2010

The Oxford Comma

I am so glad there is a name for this!

Before I give any further explanation, I must know-

If you were to punctuate this sentence with commas would you do it like this:

A) I like to eat apples, bananas, and oranges. (comma after 'banana' before 'and')


B) I like to eat apples, bananas and oranges. (no comma after 'banana' before 'and')

Thanks! This is a matter of dire importance. Well, as far as punctuation goes of course...

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Ali said...

I do think that I'd put the comma after bananas before the and.

Sara said...

I was taught no comma. So there you go... still a dilemma.

Anonymous said...

I always use the commas before the and if you have a list of things. That's also what I teach my students.

SusanG said...

I always thought that was called a serial comma. Same thing as Oxford?I do know that it is omitted most often in journalism.

Kelli said...

LOL! I think if I were writing that sentence I'd use B. Don't know if that's correct but that's what I would use. :o)

Made To Organize said...

"A", final answer.

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