Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garden Harvest

Green Beans


Sounds like a feast, doesn't it? This year I doubled the size of my garden and anticipated having enough to preserve something. Alas, that has not happened.

I gathered three zucchinis before both it and my squash plants were killed by vine borers.

The peppers still have not bloomed.

Harvested 4 ears of corn.

There are two watermelons growing - not ready yet.

Only 3 carrots made it.

Green beans have been slow this year and are just now producing.

My basil, mint and dill didn't make it at all.

Still, what I love about gardening is, as in life, it's the lessons that you learn in the journey that make it all worthwhile.

This year I've battled japanese beetles and vine borers.

I've learned why my tomatoes were cracking before they were ripe.

I discovered why planting these crops were important for local honey bees.

I delight in the fact that my children take notice and nonchalantly point out different vegetables to friends who don't know a corn stalk from a watermelon vine.

So, while we may not have much harvest to physically see, I'd still say it's been a bumper crop year for me!

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