Friday, February 5, 2010

Bound and Determined

I've won one or two blog giveaways, but never a grand prize per se. This time I am bound and determined to win either this sewing machine or embroidery machine...for mom.

You see, she's sewn forever and is finally going to start teaching me to sew. How fun would it be if she had a new fangled machine of her own to teach with??? Of course, this may bite me in the end since I do have to admit it's much easier for me to give her pants that need to be hemmed, stuffed animals that need to be repaired, and buttons that need to be replaced than to learn how to do it myself. ha!

Go on and enter yourself - especially if you don't want the prize. I'll gladly regift it for you!!

Thanks Sara for telling me about this contest!

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Sara said...

You're welcome... but I'm winning.

Just His Best said...

:) I only want one of them. You can have the other!

Ashley and Audrey said...

Hey Friend!
I've given you a 'blog award'. If you'd like to accept and keep it going, head on over to our blog and claim your award.
Your blog is a blessing to me!

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