Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve in the ER

I don't have one of "those days" very often but today is one of them.

Here is a very abbreviated version:

1. Having pain in my abdomen near my right ovary, called to make doctor's appointment.
2. Doctor's office is closed until Monday due to the holiday.
3. Decide it's worth it to go to the ER to be checked out and get in the van to realize our GPS had been stolen.
4. Arrive at hospital at 9am. Admitted & blood and urine taken.
5. Had pelvic exam and sonogram - inconclusive results.
6. Taken to radiology for a CT scan. No sooner had the machine started, it stopped and the technician notified me that my records indicated a positive pregnancy test, so no CT scan.
7. Wheeled back to my room (in shock) to a doctor that said there was nothing more they could test for since there was no other info and to come back if the pain worsened (hinted at appendicitis), otherwise make an appointment to see OB due to positive pregnancy test.
8. Before being discharged, the doctor comes back in the room and announces that my blood and urine had been retested and that I was definitely not pregnant.
9. Another order was made for a CT scan.
10. CT scan taken and now awaiting's now almost 6pm.

So, what are you doing this New Year's Eve?

Update (by Simon)...

Well, the second attempt at a CT scan eventually came back with, yes you guessed it, absolutely nothing.

No issues, no concerns, everything is right with the world.  This of course is a relief but still does nothing to explain the reason why I took Kelli to the emergency room in the first place!  At a loss for what other life threatening condition to check, the ER doctor finally said there's nothing more that could be done and for Kelli to go see her OB GYN on Monday.  Perhaps after seeing our raised eybrows, he remembered that Kelli was in fact NOT pregnant, despite the earlier result.  With the sound advice of taking Motrin or Tylenol we were summarily discharged and sent on our way, 10 hours after we first arrived.  It's after 9pm and were home, thinking seriously about just going to bed.  I doubt if we'll watch any kind of ball drop in our house tonight.

So with that, on this New Year's Eve night, may the Lord continue to watch over us, bless us and lead us in His ways in 2010.  Let all praise and glory be to Him forever and ever.  Amen.

Happy New Year everyone!

p.s.  Who cares about the stolen GPS but I hope who ever has it spends the $80 to upgrade the map otherwise they'll never find where they're going.

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Home Manager

Wow! What a day! I loathe the ER. How do you get a preg test wrong?!

Hope you got something to eat that day and where was dear Whtaker?

2010 will be way better than the last day of '09. The we were in a snow cabin with 25 other people, we did go to bed! It's my practice of choice every New Year's eve! Jan. 1 still shows up, despite me not being up to greet it!

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